Boosting the Emotional Well-Being of Your Workforce

Webinar Recorded on February 24, 2022

Frasco® Profiles and EXPERT EFFECT have partnered to present this webinar. Companies that implement successful strategies for boosting the emotional well-being of their workforce during the continuing pandemic will likely experience less turnover, higher levels of employee engagement plus a competitive advantage.

This webinar will focus on companywide initiatives that can impact a significant percentage of the employee population positively. It will also provide HR professionals and company leaders with proven techniques for increasing their own mental resiliency.

Innovative strategies shared during this webinar will include reducing the intensity level of the work environment, curating a more supportive culture and helping employees with revamping ingrained mindsets.

Learning Outcomes:
– Increased capacity to prevent cumulative mental stress and personal burnout
– Increased knowledge and awareness regarding customized solutions that can boost the emotional well-being of employees at a macro level