Instant Clinic-Based Drug Testing

We work with trusted local clinics and certified technicians to perform a variety of drug testing services near your candidates, making the process as efficient as possible. Our partners verify that all samples collected and results are precise while taking precautions to prevent adulteration.

Point-of-Collection Testing (POCT)

On-site drug testing is a convenient and cost-effective option. The technicians bring necessary supplies to the workplace. On-site drug testing helps eliminate bias and there is less chance of adulteration (tampering or manipulation of a specimen) allowing for maximum quality control.

Mobile Response Testing

A form of on-site drug testing. The technicians bring necessary supplies to the venue (job fairs, workplace, post-accident) and large sessions can be pre-scheduled. This is a cost and time-efficient option when hiring a large batch of new employees.

DOT Program Management

We offer complete Department of Transportation (DOT) program management from pre-employment to post-incident/accident and random drug testing.

Traditional Lab-Based Urinalysis

We give you the largest range of options to design a program that works for you, including custom panels, paper or electronic Chain of Custody forms, thousands of low cost in-network collection sites and assistance with identifying lower cost out-of-network sites, and on-site or lab-based instant results testing.

Hair Testing

Urine and hair testing offer different periods of detection. Some clients prefer one type of test over another for results or budgetary reasons, while others like to combine urine and hair testing to get the broadest period of detection. Hair is collected at a collection site similar to urine collection and is forwarded to the lab for analysis.

Breath Alcohol Testing

When required by law or company policy, Frasco can provide pre-employment or post-accident breath alcohol testing solutions.