Why, How and When to Consider Social Media Screening in Your Background Process


FCRA, Pitfalls of Do-It-Yourself, Protected Speech

Why social media screening?

Areas of concern, current trends in remote work, D&I initiatives

Best practices for your social media screening workflow

Focus and scope, technology, workflow

Frequently Asked Questions

Within the Disclosure and Authorization, do we need to list what sites are being searched?

No, it is impossible to list all of the sites being searched because there is no limit on the sources. The sources could range from individual unique websites to the common social media sites. There is no finite list of what will be checked.

If your social media accounts are locked, can a report still be pulled?

No, if the account is completely private and the content is private, Social Intelligence cannot access the report. Generally, we find people have on average 4-6 online accounts with a mix of privacy settings. It is rare that an individual has all of their settings as private – we only see this about 1% of the time.

Is it legal to screen an individual’s private social media account?

No, Frasco® Profiles can only access public information. Privacy laws in many states prohibit an employer to as a candidate or employee for their account login information.

What are some of the examples of negative information you typically find on Social Media?

Our methodology focuses primarily on business-related online behavior. The type of information that we find is based on:

  • Demonstrations of race or intolerance
  • Potential illegal activity
  • Potentially violent content
  • Sexually explicit material

We have based our methodology based on these select categories based on what employers are primarily concerned about to eliminate risk.