Turn the Great Resignation into the Great Retention: Leveraging HR Data to Attract & Retain Employees

Webinar Recorded on April 28, 2022

Frasco® Profiles invited Retensa to present this webinar. HR Leaders learned how to leverage existing HR data to attract and retain employees now.

As we recover from this global economic transformation, high performing employees are harder than ever to keep, let alone find. The Great Resignation is about great expectations. It is a whole new work-scape for HR leaders to navigate and manage, and only organizations with predictive analytics will make it.

In this session, the employee retention experts presented on:
1. How current trends made recruiting and retention strategies obsolete
2. Critical attractors and detractors to join and stay at your organization
3. Key predictors to select and hire loyal employees
4. How to create action plans and retention tools tailored to your workplace