Session Recording: LA County Criminal Background Changes

The Los Angeles Superior Court announced that birth month and year are no longer filtering options on the court index search engine, effective February 23, 2024 (day of birth was previously removed). This change applies to both the court’s website and the public access terminals at the court. If you do criminal background checks in LA County, this change impacts your recruiting, screening, and onboarding.

In this informational session, we go over:
• How This Impacts You
• The Reason for the Change
• The Legal Implications
• What Your Options Are
• Where to Lodge Complaints
• What Happens Next

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Recorded on February 29, 2024:


Where can I lodge a complaint?

The first place to start is with your local representative. As one of their constituents, they want your support and listen to your feedback. Let them know you want them to revisit the provisions of 2022’s SB 1262 and would like to see something similar reintroduced. Also contact Governor Newsom’s office and let them know the impact this will have on your business.


Los Angeles Court Contact Information:

  • Jim McGlynn, Los Angeles County Director of Criminal Division:
  • David Slayton, Executive Officer/Clerk of the Court: (213) 830-0801 (hold to the end of the message to speak with someone)
  • Public Relations/Media:


Product Recommendation:

VISTA PLUS National Sexual Offender Registry and National Criminal Database Search
Includes a search of the Dru Sjodin National Sex Offender Registry AND private database containing hundreds of thousands of criminally related records including county level criminal records, Department of Corrections records (prison incarceration and release data), wants and warrants data, and limited police records. All identified records will be further validated with the original source (court or state sex offender registry) before reporting to ensure accuracy and reportability. Vista Plus is used as a tips and leads tool and does not include all records from all jurisdictions. A finding of “no record” does not guarantee consumer has no criminal record.


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