Facial Coverings Required by Occupational Health Clinics

As COVID-19 restrictions evolve and retract across the United States, Frasco Profiles has been made aware that many clinics are now refusing to treat patients that come to the clinic without a face mask or facial covering. Concentra has formally instituted this policy for all locations, regardless of state or local orders.

In order to prevent an applicant or employee from being refused treatment, it is strongly recommended they wear appropriate facial coverings when visiting any occupational health clinic for services.

Concentra has indicated that they will only treat patients who are wearing one of the following facial coverings:

  • Bandanas
  • Scarfs
  • Homemade Masks
  • Store Bought Masks (that cover both nose and mouth)

The following facial coverings will not be accepted, and the patient will be denied service:

  • Shirts pulled over patient’s face
  • Open mesh or materials with holes in the face coverings

Some occupational health clinics may provide masks to patients that do not have one, but many cannot guarantee they will have them on hand at the time of visit. In most cases, patients who refuse to wear a mask will be denied services and asked to leave the clinic.  The facial coverings must be worn during the entire visit unless instructed by the practitioner or clinic staff member to be removed.

If you have any questions or concerns about this new requirement, or anything pertaining to Occupational Health Screening during the current COVID-19 Pandemic please contact Frasco Profiles at (800) 820-9209.