National Drug-Free Work Week Starts October 11th

September 29, 2021

With National Drug-Free Work Week coming up from October 11th to the 16th, Frasco® Profiles takes the opportunity to educate our clients on the importance of a drug-free workplace.

According to SHRM and the National Safety Council:

  • Employee Drug testing positivity rate is at its highest in 16 years
  • Over 75% of employers have been affected in some way by employee opioid use.
  • Workers who tested positive for marijuana had:
    • 55% more industrial accidents
    • 85% more injuries
    • 75% greater absenteeism

Having a drug and alcohol screening program is essential for maintaining a safe and effective workplace by reducing workplace accidents and injuries on the job. An effective screening program can also decrease absenteeism, increase productivity, and lower your workers compensation costs and lower unemployment claims. However, it can be a challenge to keep up with all the changes happening nearly every week. With new laws, rules, and court decisions it’s a minefield of compliance!

It can be very overwhelming to keep your organization’s drug screening policy and program up to date – especially if your company has locations and employees in multiple states across the US. Many states have legalized marijuana, and some states allow for medical marijuana use. Idaho and Nebraska are currently the only states without any allowance for marijuana use medically or recreationally. That means all other states in the US have some sort of regulation to consider. What may be ok in one state, may not be allowed in another state. However, the sale and use of marijuana remains illegal under federal law. It is important to understand the local and federal regulations to avoid future liability, issues, and negative financial impact to your company.

The mandatory state statutes in addition to the federal laws can be complex to manage and understand. If your company has trucks that fall under DOT regulations, there is an entire set of rules and processes that must be followed. Your company may also have to consider union requirements when developing your drug screening policy. What about prescription drug use? There are also ADA considerations, discrimination and human rights laws that also must be taken into consideration.

Employers are paying MILLIONS for violations. The cost of non-compliance can be detrimental and costly to an organization in many ways, from litigation and settlement fees to the impact to your employer brand, employee morale and consumer confidence. Additionally, the impact on your workers’ compensation claims and increased insurance rates have an impact on the financial performance of your company.

Having a solid Drug Test Policy in place is the cornerstone to implementing a successful drug screening program.

We have partnered with Drug Screening Compliance Institute (DSCI) to host an upcoming webinar series that will focus on employee drug and alcohol screening compliance. DCSI specializes in compliance, consulting, education and training specific to drug and alcohol screening in the workplace.

Join us on October 13th to learn more about how your company can stay compliant.

If you have any questions, please contact our Customer Service team.

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