Streamline Your Onboarding and Guarantee Compliance with Electronic I-9s and E-Verify

January 4, 2024

In today’s competitive landscape, finding qualified talent is crucial, but ensuring a compliant and efficient onboarding process is equally important. Two key tools in your arsenal are the Form I-9 and E-Verify, both aiming to verify employee work eligibility and prevent unauthorized employment.  Using an electronic I-9 combined with automated E-Verify is the key to creating efficiency and locking in compliance.

Form I-9: The Bedrock of Verification

  • Mandatory for all employers: This government-mandated form requires new hires to document their identity and work authorization within three days of their start date.
  • Document-based verification: Employees provide acceptable documents from a provided list, which you must physically inspect and compare to the information on the form.
  • Remote Employee Workflow: Using the Frasco Profiles electronic I-9 for remote employees allows the new employee to designate their authorized representative to physically inspect their identity documents, ensuring a seamless, government approved process.
  • Batch Ordering: Employers can use a batch process to easily process I-9s electronically for large groups of employees starting on the same day.

E-Verify:  Simple to automate with Electronic I-9s

  • May be mandatory: Federal contractors must use E-Verify for all employees working under federal contracts.  Several states also require public and private employers to use E-Verify.
  • Easy Automation: Frasco Profiles can easily set your company up to automatically run the E-Verify as soon as the electronic I-9 is complete.
  • Instant confirmation & enhanced accuracy: E-Verify instantly verifies information with government sources to confirm employment eligibility, minimizing the risk of human errors in I-9 processing.
  • Useful for large companies: E-Verify’s efficiency and centralized nature can be particularly beneficial for large, decentralized organizations seeking better compliance practices.

The Synergy of Both Tools

While E-Verify can’t replace the mandatory I-9, using both strengthens your overall compliance. Remember:

  • Always follow I-9 requirements: Completing and retaining the I-9 is crucial for legal compliance, regardless of E-Verify usage.
  • E-Verify offers valuable benefits: Consider using E-Verify to enhance accuracy, reduce processing time, and potentially fulfill state-specific requirements.
  • Employers who use the remote employee workflow must also be an E-Verify employer in good standing.  If you don’t have an E-Verify account, Frasco Profiles can open one for you today!

By utilizing the Frasco Profiles electronic I-9 and automated E-Verify process for all employees, you can ensure compliance, protect your company from unauthorized employment, and eliminate paper documents that can easily be misplaced, lost, or damaged.

Remember, a smooth and compliant onboarding process starts with knowledge and the right tools. Let’s work together to build a strong foundation for your future workforce!

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